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Below you will find an excerpt from a book that  was published some time ago which was sent to the remaining loved ones at the death of someone dear. 


"...Each sorrow chisels at our soul with its individual hurt and sadness. No other hurt or sadness compares to that loss of a loved one. This hurt is too great for tears to wash away; too deep for sympathy and kindness to erase. In this great moment of sadness we appear to feel alone in our great time of need. 

Although we may feel alone or even abandoned, we need to consider that the Master in His infinite compassion and love will come to abide with us. If we will but open our grief-stricken hearts and souls to the Master, He will give us strength to hear His message of love and consolation; "Come unto me and I will give you rest".

By listening with our hearts, allowing his divine message to enter our grieved souls, we can receive strength and comfort for the day. When we receive His wisdom to cut away at the heaviest sadness in our souls, we will receive rest and He will teach us the real, true meaning of life and death. "Here on Earth" Jesus will remind us by His word and actions, "You have no permanent city". We are pilgrims passing quickly through this veil of trials, sorrows, and death sojourning toward our true home."

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