Digital Pay

Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay at SB&T.

Pay the safe, secure and easy way with Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Now you can make payments at stores, in apps and online quickly and securely without ever reaching for your card! Just add your SB&T Mastercard® to your digital wallet using Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and you can make payments directly from your device!

Why pay this way?
  • A more secure way to pay. When you use your device to pay, your information is shielded by multiple layers of protection. First, you must log into your device using either a passcode, face or touch ID. Even then, your card information isn’t stored directly on your phone, but transmitted to the merchant in a unique “token” that encrypts and protects your data. That said, even if you lose your phone, your credit card data isn’t stored in your phone and cannot be accessed by anyone who finds your device.
  • No more cards. Cards can easily be lost, stolen or your account information accessed through a variety of methods used by thieves and hackers. Again, using your secured device to make purchases provides multiple layers of protection and security that cards simply cannot offer.
  • You’ll still enjoy all benefits and protections your card offers. Whether it’s earning rewards, purchase protection, theft protection or any other benefits, you’ll still enjoy all the perks your card provides, even if you’re not actually using the card. By using mobile wallet, you have nothing to lose, and so much protection and convenience to gain!

It’s easy to get started.

To use Apple Pay®, open the settings app on your phone or tablet and click on the Wallet and Apple Pay tab. Tap on Add Card to put in your credit card information, follow the steps to verify your card and you’re ready to go.

To use Google Pay, download the Google Pay app to your device, open the app and log into (or set up) your Google account using your gmail address or phone number, add your card information and save.

To use Samsung Pay, download the Samsung Pay app to your device, open the app and log into (or set up) your Samsung account. Tap on the menu (three lines in the left-hand corner) and tap on Cards. Tap Add Card, add your credit card information and save.

You can also stop by any branch and we’ll be happy to help you load your card!

You won’t believe how easy and secure making payments and purchases can be. Get started today.