Giving Back to Our Community.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of the families, organizations, and businesses that have trusted us for more than a century. At State Bank and Trust, we understand that. From the day we opened our doors we’ve been committed to giving back to all the communities we serve. To helping small business get started and grow. To helping families purchase homes. And to supporting groups who work to make our communities better.

State Bank and Trust

Customer's Success Stories

  • Brian and Niki Hollingsworth

    Moving a family of six and a business is no easy task. And going through the notoriously challenging process of buying a house at the same time could have been truly daunting...

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  • Hayes and Valarie Shirley

    “I’ve known Collins Davis for years,” Hayes Shirley said. “I grew up two houses down from him.” So when it came time for Hayes and Valarie to build a new home, they turned to SB&T for their financing...

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  • Scott and Treva Nelson

    Scott and Treva Nelson have been banking with State Bank and Trust since college. Which means they've been banking with SB&T for as long as they've been banking. And these folks are no stranger to money and finance ...

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  • Louis and Margaret Hanks

    They've been married for 74 years. He served in the South Pacific in World War II. They've owned businesses, raised five children, retired in 1981, and traveled all over the world. And they've banked with State Bank and Trust for nearly 60 years ...

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  • Lee and Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith has lived in Guin all his life, and his wife joined him in 2010. Kyle works at 3M and Lee works at McGuire Drug. They have two girls, Kylee Joy, 5, and Lily Jane, 2. They love their small-town life and now, since the refinanced their home, they also love State Bank and Trust ...

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