Brian and Niki Hollingsworth

Brian and Niki Hollingsworth moved their family of six and Brian’s dental practice from Auburn to Winfield in May 2017 to be closer to family.

Moving a family of six and a business is no easy task. And going through the notoriously challenging process of buying a house at the same time could have been truly daunting. But according to Niki, the friendly team at SB&T made getting their mortgage easier than she ever could have imagined.

“They were so helpful with the house and mortgage,” Niki said. “We worked with everyone at the bank and they were all great. It was like they knew what we needed before we knew what we needed. They really are a service-oriented bank.”

“It was very easy, not stressful at all,” she said. Niki added that their family has settled into the community and “We absolutely love it here. It’s a very welcoming community and we’re thrilled to be here.”