Louis and Margaret Hanks

They've been married for 74 years. He served in the South Pacific in World War II. They've owned businesses, raised five children, retired in 1981, and traveled all over the world. And they've banked with State Bank and Trust for nearly 60 years.

"We lived for 16 years in Texas while I was running a business," said Louis Hanks. "But that's been the only time we weren't banking with State Bank."

"I've done all kinds of business with them over the years," he continued, "we built a house, bought some land, I've borrowed money... we do all our personal banking with them and my youngest son who lives here banks with them, too."

"We've always had a good relationship," he said. "They're what a small town bank should be. When we go in, I know 99 percent of the people there, we know them, they know us, we see them in church. We have a friendly relationship, and I've been satisfied with them for 60 years."