Hometown Banking

Local People Helping Local People

Founded well over a century ago, State Bank and Trust has always been local people helping local people. We got our start in Winfield, grew steadily over the years and today we proudly provide high-quality, affordable financial services to individuals, families and businesses throughout Northwest Alabama.

After all these years — in fact, more than ever — we believe local banking delivers the best value, the best service and the best opportunities for our residents, neighbors, businesses and communities.

First and foremost, it’s all about service and getting the personal attention you deserve. Because when you bank locally, your banker knows your name. They pick up the phone when you call and respond quickly to your needs. They’re by your side when you face challenges, and when you experience success. Chances are you won’t experience that doing business with a big, multi-state, impersonal bank.

It’s also about community. Since our founding in 1907, State Bank and Trust has made giving back to our communities a priority. Whether it’s through scholarships, sponsorships, volunteer hours or donations, we’re here for our communities and determine to help them grow and prosper.

Because we’re from here. We we grew up here. We care deeply about the people who live here and the companies that do business here, and we’re passionate about creating opportunities to make here a better place for all of us.